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Wealth & Giving Forum was founded in 2003 to promote greater generosity among individuals and families of significant means and to make more resources available for good causes. Through its semi-annual invitation-only gatherings, regional and topical programs, and publications, the Forum provides a thoughtful, private meeting ground for individuals and families to reflect with their peers on how best to allocate their wealth. MORE»


With great wealth comes great responsibility. Individuals and families of means have an unprecedented opportunity to address pressing needs at home and abroad. MORE»


Seeking Impact Within

Wealth & Giving Forum will host its "Seeking Impact Within" Symposium in New York on October 9, 2014.   MORE».


We are pleased to announce the addition of Julie Shafer to our team.  MORE».


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We are pleased to announce our 2014 "Seeking Impact Within" Symposium network partners. MORE

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